Young IPA Podcast Episode 149: James Paterson, Coronavirus, & Joe Biden Can’t Be President

 - March 12, 2020

The government announces its coronavirus stimulus plans - James and Pete explain why the free market would be better and discuss their contingency plans for when they inevitably get it. Also, Joe Biden is the presumptive democrat nominee despite being a million years old. Heroes and villains this week include the NT News printing actual toilet paper, the retirement community fighting for their right to party, Twitter and Scott Cam claiming what he does with taxpayer money isn’t any of our business. We speak to Senator James Paterson about coronavirus, the publicly funded coffee vendor in Canberra, his skin care regime and have a deep dive into social media (19:46-38:16), before Adam Schlicht and Theodora Pantelich join us for the quiz (38:16-52:09). At the end we hand out Q&A claps to the MSNBC show that isn’t good at maths and Sadiq Khan’s brave feminism, discuss Joe Biden trying to fight a factory worker and Bernie finally admitting he doesn't know anything about Sweden.