YIPA Episode 165: JobKeeper, China And Protecting Gideon Rozner

- May 26, 2020

Huge show today! We talk about the JobKeeper numbers stuff up, why it’s actually better news than you think and what it reveals about the people overseeing our economic response to coronavirus, and Pete continues to show why it’s morally good to want an end to the lockdown. Heroes and villains this week include the Hong Kong protestors standing up against China, Dominic Perrotet being the cause of NSW’s easing of restrictions, Joe Biden thinking voting against him means you can’t be black and yes, we discuss that Clementine Ford tweet. (0:0020:20) We get in depth with Foreign Editor of The Australian Greg Sheridan who explains what the Belt and Road initiatives are, why its so dangerous for Victoria to be pursuing one and how we should deal with China (20:2045:53). We also talk to the inspirational Matt Lanigan, owner of The Lucky Penny cafĂ© which somehow became the frontline of the online culture war after Tim Smith made a video with him talking about Victoria’s restrictions (45:531:06:16). At the end of the show, we implore people to stop signing Gideon Rozner up to things, and how you can tell if you’re about to do it.

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