YIPA Episode 163: China Backs Down, State Borders And When Can We Drink In Vic?

- May 21, 2020

Pete declares victory for Australia after China accepts the coronavirus inquiry, but James is more sceptical. Victoria opens pubs and clubs in June and state governments refuse to open borders. Heroes and villains include the Hong Kong protestors, Tim Smith, Germany making it illegal to burn the EU flag and unions pushing for higher minimum wages in the middle of an employment crisis (0:0023:54). Evan Mulholland joins the show to discuss the findings of his latest Freedom of Information request into the ABC’s Climate Change Advisory Panel and we review Pete’s latest TV gig (23:5442:48), before one of the stars of the IPA’s new We Want To Work video small business operator Richard Impiombato shares his story of the economic lockdown, why unfreezing an economy isn’t that simple and what small businesses actually want right now (42:4853:53). At the end, we discuss another case of Joe Biden imploring voters not to vote for him, Elon Musk taking the red pill and a hall-of-fame headline from Vice.


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