YIPA Episode 161: Senator James Paterson & Previewing The Heretic With Gideon Rozner

- May 13, 2020

Due to technical difficulties, this podcast has been delayed. We apologise. States move to Stage 1 of restriction easing, but Daniel Andrews continues to drag his feet about it, data out of Sweden show lockdowns might be overrated and unemployment data out of the US shows that people who care about the economic effects of restrictions aren’t evil.

Senator James Paterson joins the show to talk about The Wolverines, pushing back against the Chinese government, COVIDSafe and how to flex your bookshelf over Zoom. (17:3536:43)

After that IPA Policy Director Gideon Rozner joins the show to talk about the launch of a new podcast series from the IPA The Heretic on Peter Ridd and James Cook University, how he covered the story and what he makes of Daniel Andrews (spoiler: It’s not much). (37:3554:10)

Heroes and Villains this week includes The Age saying we need less red tape, Dave Rubin’s new book a NYT Bestseller, Alex Turnbull and GetUp!. After a Democrat strategist floated Joe Biden using Fortnite on the campaign trail, James has some suggestions and Miriam Margoyles wants to be congratulated for not wishing death on Boris Johnson.

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