What I Wasn’t Told about Nuclear Energy

- November 26, 2020

References list:

  • Eating 9/10ths of a banana exposes humans to the same radiation levels as living within 80 kilometres of a nuclear plant for a whole year. Click here
  • Nuclear power causes less deaths than almost any other energy source . Click here
  • NASA research shows nuclear power has prevented 1.84 million air-pollution related deaths from 1971 to 2009. Click here
  • Nuclear energy already provides 10% of the world’s electricity and is used in over 50 countries. Click here
  • To produce Australia’s annual electricity, solar would require land the size of Puerto Rico, Hydro would require Montenegro sized land, and wind would require land the size of the Netherlands. Nuclear, on the other hand, only needs land the size of tiny Liechtenstein. Click here
  • A golf ball sized amount of uranium in a fast reactor provides a lifetime’s amount of energy for the average Australian. Click here
  • The equivalent of 56 tanker trucks of natural gas, 800 elephant-sized bags of coal or a renewable battery as tall as 16 super skyscraper buildings placed one on top of the other. Click here
  • I wasn’t told nuclear energy creates almost zero emissions – one third of solar’s emissions. Click here
  • The use of nuclear power prevents the emissions of nearly 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year – the equivalent of taking 400 million cars off the road. Click here
  • I wasn’t told only one person died as a result of radiation following the Fukushima accident. Click here
  • Chernobyl occurred because of the “severely flawed Soviet-era reactor design. Click here
  • Nuclear is 2.5 to 3.5 times more reliable than wind and solar. Click here
  • Nuclear is the cheapest form of electricity over the long term. Click here
  • Or that a third of the world’s uranium – the key material in nuclear energy production – is right here in Australia. Click here

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