What I Wasn’t Told About Donald Trump

 | December 24, 2019 , 12:54 pm
References List: "I was told Donald Trump was a bigoted extremist" - Click here. “he’s the first US President in history to enter office supporting gay marriage” - Click here. “his right to try legislation lets terminally ill patients access potentially lifesaving drugs” - Click here. “the official poverty rate fell to 11.8% last year, its lowest level since 2001.” - Click here. "I was told Donald Trump would destroy the US economy" - Click here. “the US economy is booming … it just achieved its longest growth expansion on record - 121 consecutive months” - Click here. “deregulating the economy and cutting red tape” - Click here. “he has slashed the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%” - Click here. “reduced income tax for Americans of almost all income levels” - Click here. “The African-American unemployment rate was 5.5% in September – its lowest on record.” Click here. In 2010 African-American unemployment was 16% - Click here. “Hispanic unemployment fell to 3.9%” - Click here. “also its lowest on record.” - Click here or in this news report. In 2010 unemployment was 12.5% - Click here. Unemployment reached 3.5% in 2019 - Click here. “With unemployment reaching a 50 year low of 3.5% in September” - Click here. "Donald Trump was an environmental vandal" - Click here. “carbon dioxide emissions have fallen under Trump” - Click here. “the Environmental Protection Agency cleaned up more toxic waste sites in 2018 than it had for 13 years” - Click here. “2.2 million adult Americans are in jail” - Click here. “Donald Trump has tried to fix this with the first step act which prevents reoffending by providing rehabilitation programs for inmates and helping ex-prisoners re-enter employment and the community” - Click here. “I was told Donald Trump was a dictator who would suppress Freedom” - Click here. “I wasn’t told about his executive order that makes colleges uphold freedom of speech” - Click here.