The Young IPA Podcast Episode 174: JobSeeker, Vaping & How Identity Politics Harms Minority Groups

- June 29, 2020

JobSeeker and JobKeeper are stopping people getting back to work, state border openings are1q1 threatened by Victoria’s growing coronavirus numbers, COVIDSafe is basically useless but at least there was a big win for liberty on vaping this week. (0:00-16:45)

Heroes and Villains this week includes Colorado reforming police immunity, the brave people standing up to mobs tearing down statues, California removing equality before the law from the state and Northumbria police selectively enforcing the law. (16:45-26:18)

Inaya Folarin Iman, Director of the Free Speech Union in the UK and Spiked columnist, joins the show to talk about the dangers of identity politics, why freedom of speech has been such a positive force for minority communities and how students can push back against the ideological capture of their universities. (26:18-53:24)

And the end of the show, Pete debuts his new segment ‘Stop Tearing the Statues of People That Have Done More for Racial Equality Than You Ever Will’, there are calls to change the American national anthem to ‘Imagine’ and the BBC calls England’s countryside racist. (53:24-1:02:08)

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