The Young IPA Podcast Episode 173: Victoria Shuts Down (again) & Tim Smith

- June 23, 2020

Daniel Andrews brings tougher restrictions into Victoria and James and Pete are fired up about it. Donald Trump’s fizzle of a rally might spell doom for his reelection and Australia is under cyber attack…sort of.  [0:00-16:50]

Heroes and villains this week includes JK Rowling’s publisher and Peter Hitchens standing up to the woke mobs, and the ahistorical efforts around the world to tear down statues of those who have done far more to advance the goals of the protesters than the protesters themselves. [16:50-23:36]

Tim Smith MP joins the show to talk about his reactions to Daniel Andrews’ restrictions and what he thinks should happen from here on out, and how he has used Twitter to push back against restrictions in ways other politicians haven’t been able to. [23:36-53:58]

At the end of the show we talk about Kevin Rudd continuing to demand the ABC be less right wing and an incredible defence of a statue of Lenin in Seattle. [53:58-1:01:00]

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