The Young IPA Podcast Episode 171: Exploring Woke Rebellions With Brendan O’Neill

- June 18, 2020

A new round of restriction easing is good, but Victoria continues to trail the rest of the country. The statues debate continues to rage around the world as a Greens staffer tags the James Cook statue in Hyde Park, a petition calls for the removal of a Ghandi statue, Google removes an image of Winston Churchill from search results and UK Labour and Conservative Parties agree on up to ten years jail for monument defacing (0:00-16:45).

Heroes and villains this week includes the IPA’s Cian Hussey, Dave Chappelle’s new special, the cop who threated to fine a restaurant for having 21 customers when only three fines were handed out at the BLM protests and LA Galaxy (16:45-26:48).

Brendan O’Neill joins us on the show to talk about his essay in The Australian, the push to bring down statues, the coup at the New York Times and why what we’re seeing now is product of hollow institutions continually giving in to the woke mob (26:48-1:00:43).

At the end of the show, we talk about CHAZ calling the Seattle fire department, Julia Baird’s about face on statues, the Argentinian church that turned itself into a bar to beat regulations and why Australians don’t trust celebrities (1:00:43-1:10:37).

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