The Young IPA Podcast Episode 170: Cancel Cancel Culture

- June 12, 2020

The fallout from the weekend’s protests continues: One protester in Melbourne had coronavirus, there’s more this weekend even if hosting them will delay restriction easing and now a wedding company will flout restrictions now that the government won’t fine protesters. Cancel culture is back in a big way as Gone with the Wind, Cops, The Mighty Boosh are cancelled overseas and every statue in Australia is up for debate, and China tells its students we are too racist for them to study here (0:0018:06). Likes and Dislikes this week include Peter Hitchens, Will Callaghan’s Meal of Kings upon being rescued, the AFL players taking a knee and defunding the police goes exactly how James said it would on Tuesday’s show (18:0626:26). Gideon and Dara are on for this week’s quiz (26:2639:58), and at the end we discuss the video to rival Gal Gadot’s Imagine, the CIA getting updogd, the car race that dubbed itself a protest, the Independent apparently believing in creationism and we count down the Top 5 people who, if cancel culture is fair, must be sweating bullets right now (39:5854:57).

Heroes and villains this week includes the IPA’s Cian Hussey, Dave Chappelle’s new special, the cop who threated to fine a restaurant for having 21 customers when only three fines were handed out at the BLM protests and LA Galaxy (16:45-26:48).

Brendan O’Neill joins us on the show to talk about his essay in The Australian, the push to bring down statues, the coup at the New York Times and why what we’re seeing now is product of hollow institutions continually giving in to the woke mob (26:48-1:00:43).

At the end of the show, we talk about CHAZ calling the Seattle fire department, Julia Baird’s about face on statues, the Argentinian church that turned itself into a bar to beat regulations and why Australians don’t trust celebrities (1:00:43-1:10:37).

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