The Young IPA Podcast Episode 169 Does Australia Have A Problem With Systemic Racism?

- June 9, 2020

BLM protests happened across Australia, and barely any fines were handed out. Coronavirus is over. We talk about the protests, the statues torn down in England and the move to defund the police, as well as your metadata under yet another attack. Heroes and villains this week include the great Ron Manners, Kevin Rudd somehow making sense on a topic, CNN blaming a police horse for getting punched and GoFundMe’s shutdown of Candace Owens (00:0022:35). We talk to Warren Mundine AO about his reactions to the weekend’s protest, whether there is systemic racism in Australia and what reforms we should be pursuing in criminal justice and Indigenous affairs (22:3659:28). Andrew Bushnell, who heads the IPA’s research in criminal justice, joins the show to respond to the claims and demands of protest organisers over the weekend and what the realisation of their demands could mean (59:291:35:45). At the end, Pete asks if we can just have a one-week break from identity politics after JK Rowling causes another stir, and a Californian City Council says you can’t gather in groups bigger than 10…unless you’re protesting (1:35:461:41:13).

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