The Young IPA Podcast Episode 143: We Just Had The Best Decade In Human History with Matt Ridley

 - January 31, 2020

Malcolm Turnbull is a hypocrite on bushfires – Evan 'the Undertaker' Mulholland joins the show to explain how he uncovered the hypocrisy, what it shows about Turnbull and we debate who has been more annoying since they left politics – him or Kevin Rudd (0:00-8:30). Heroes and villains this week include the man who destroyed Elizabeth Warren’s debt bailout, the freakout over Joe Rogan supporting Bernie Sanders, the CNN panellists mocking everyone who doesn’t agree with them and, shockingly, the Australian of the Year (8:30-16:47). Matt Ridley joins the show to talk about why we just had the best decade in human history, economic growth is saving the planet, how the far left is actually hurting the environment and poor people, the power of Golden Rice and GM crops and his upcoming book How Innovation Works (16:47-36:02). This week’s quiz has Gideon Rozner going for a three-peat (36:02-44:57) At the end of the show we discuss firms urged to cut back on sport chat because apparently women must hate sports, how art galleries are now the tool of the patriarchy and after an Italian public servant gets caught clocking in his undies – which courts say he was allowed to do! – we rank the all time ‘public servants skipping work’ stories (44:57-54:07).