Young IPA Podcast Episode 129 – Daisy Cousens Tells Us Donald Trump Is King Of The Internet

 - October 4, 2019

Australia is making international headlines over Donald Trump's impeachment saga and the media is losing its mind about it. We talk that and RMIT university giving a Chinese government agency overriding authority over teaching at its Confucius Institute, as well as the upcoming National Driver Licence Facial Recognition Solution which will totally never ever be hacked and the ACT legalising marijuana and we learn it's difficult to grow in Canberra. Our heroes and villains this week include UFC Octagon girls, Todd Phillips, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Victorian justice system. We talk to Daisy Cousens about how Australia got involved in Trump’s impeachment story, why Trump is the greatest troll in the world, Greta Thunberg and Antifa stopping an old lady attending a Dave Rubin event (20:20-37:12). We then talk to IPA Campus Coordinator Angus Heaton about the upcoming Generation Liberty Event ‘The Great Energy Debate: Which power source is best to solve the energy crisis?’ and how his IPA connection led to an outrageous Student Council session (37.15-43:21) before major controversy in another round of Hey What Did We Miss? (43:21-50:51) At the end, we debut the new segment Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Children since Kings Cross will still have lockout laws, Angus Taylor’s all-time comeback to Clover Moore on the ‘climate emergency’ and we break down the results of the Breitbart poll on Trump.