Young IPA Podcast Episode 128 with Gideon Rozner & Joanne Tran

 - October 3, 2019

The world has talked about one issue and one issue only this week – climate change. James and Pete react to Greta Thunberg’s speech, the climate protests around Melbourne and The Conversation banning climate scepticism from the comments. We also talk Justin Trudeau’s blackface – or according to some media outlets his ‘skin darkening makeup’ - scandal before launching into this week’s Heroes and Villains, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Boris Johnson, Victorian MPs who can’t get off social media and Launceston City Council. We speak to Gideon Rozner in front of our first ever live studio audience on the latest with Dr Peter Ridd, the IPA’s new book on climate change and preview the upcoming new show from The IPA ‘The Full Rozner’ (18:54-28:25), before Gideon and Andrew take on reigning champion Pete in another round of the quiz (28:25-34:51). We then speak to Joanne Tran, the Year 12 student who’s Daily Telegraph article on why she refused to go to the climate strike earlier this year on what has changed with last week’s rally and what she would have told the UN if she was in Greta’s shoes (34:51-41:30). At the end, we talk about confessing sins to plants, the unconscious bias training at QANTAS and Clive Palmer suing FriendlyJordies.