The Young IPA Podcast 188: Trump Has COVID, Tim Wilson MP & Senator Claire Chandler

 - October 6, 2020

Trump got COVID, the federal budget promises income tax breaks and Keynesian spending programs and ABC staff won’t accept a freeze on a 2% pay rise. James and Pete discuss those stories, and share heroes and villains for this week: People actually being classy online, polio is eradicated in Africa, the New York Times saying Hong Kong is part of China and the excuses for WA’s hard border get worse and worse.

We talk to Tim Wilson MP about his new book The New Social Contract, why young people feel they’re priced out of the Australian way of life and whether COVID will see Australia experience its own Sanders or Corbyn figure (24:29-42:58). We also talk to Senator Claire Chandler about nearly being brought before Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and the state for free speech in Australia (42:58-1:03:03).

At the end, we learn why sports and saying tone deaf are problematic, why kids doing schoolies on cherry farms isn’t a good idea, and Pete slams SA for trying to make the phrase “vertical consumption” happen.