The Young IPA Podcast 179: Stage 4 Lockdown And Greg Sheridan

 - August 4, 2020

We talk about stage 4 lockdown in Victoria, Trump trying to get a finders fee for selling TikTok, how Pete reckons Vine was better anyway and the CCP controlling what the UNSW says about Hong Kong. (00:00 – 19:49)

Heroes and villains this week are Trader Joe’s, Majak Daw, Bible-burning Portland protesters and Bernie Fraser. (19:49 – 28:40)

We chat with Greg Sheridan, Foreign Affairs Editor at The Australian about the lack of scrutiny on Victoria’s lockdown arrangements, his view on the American election and what he thinks of Trump banning TikTok. (28:40 – 46:25)

At the end of the show James proposes a toast to COVIDsafe which finally identified its first cases and Pete says he feels really sorry for The Guardian who had an awkward moment recently. (1:02:49 – 1:09:38)