Read, Watch & Listen for the Week

- May 13, 2020

Time is scarce, information limited and Fake News abundant. That’s why Generation Liberty has introduced Read/Watch/Listen – where our Campus Coordinators give you their pick of the best articles, podcasts, movies, books and videos each week to get you thinking and keep you informed.

First up is Chris Dekker, Campus Coordinator at the Queensland University of Technology: 

I’ve been getting sick of all the Covid-19 articles but one of my favourite think tanks, the American Institute for Economic Research, put out a special Covid edition of their review. To me, it’s like the perfect summary of classical liberal takes during the pandemic. AIER explores the long term economic outlook, discusses different lockdown approaches, historical perspectives, and dissects the nationalist rhetoric that’s likely to continue for a long time as a result of Covid: Read here.

Some of the most exciting news for me in the last couple of weeks is hearing that Rep. Justin Amash intends to run against Trump as a libertarian in November. This podcast from Reason Magazine best summarises Amash’s decision to run and what it means for the presidential race. I’ve now finally got a favourite candidate in the race! Read here.

I’m being a bit ‘basic’, but the latest Joe Rogan and Elon Musk podcast has given me a few chuckles on the walk home over the past few days. It’s good background noise and a light-hearted way to hear some takes on covid-19 without all the hysteria.

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