Read, Watch & Listen for the Week

- July 23, 2020

Time is scarce, information unlimited and Fake News abundant. That’s why Generation Liberty has introduced Read/Watch/Listen – where our Campus Coordinators give you their pick of the best articles, podcasts, movies, books and videos each week to get you thinking and keep you informed. Up this week is Peumike Dissanayake, Campus Coordinator at Monash University: 

[Opinion Piece ~ “Now is a good time to reassess what it means for us to be Australian” ~ The Australian ~ Tony Abbott] 

As Australia endures a once in a lifetime health and economic crisis, the nation finds itself conflicted on who we are and what we stand for. In conjunction with the IPA’s new three-part Podcast Australia’s Future with John Roskam, Tony Abbott optimistically sets out his vision for a stronger and more resolute Australia. Tony’s article in The Australian ( asserts that now, more than ever, we need to ask ourselves what it is to be Australian.

[Opinion Piece ~ “Footy’s Brave New World Doesn’t Make for Exciting Viewing ~ Sam Duncan] 

The scores seem too low in spite of the shorter time. The game seems different. Why? In this insightful article (, Sam Duncan contends in The Age that the issue may be that in the clubs’ pursuit of success, we may be breaking an unwritten rule of “positioning” in the AFL and to avoid over-regulating the game with new restrictions, clubs need to take notice. Is it a microcosm for society – perhaps.

 [Book ~ Appeasing Hitler ~ Tim Bouverie]

 In a beautifully written debut (, Tim Bouverie explores western society’s appeasement of the fascist Nazi regime and vividly explains how this calamitous indecision led to Hitler’s frightening grip over Europe. A timely reminder about how indecision when confronting authoritarianism, in all its forms, can lead to catastrophic consequences on our liberty.

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