Read, Watch & Listen for the Week

- June 4, 2020

Time is scarce, information limited and Fake News abundant. That’s why Generation Liberty has introduced Read/Watch/Listen – where our Campus Coordinators give you their pick of the best articles, podcasts, movies, books and videos each week to get you thinking and keep you informed. Up this week is Kyle Williams, Campus Coordinator at Murdoch University:

Not Quite Right – Matthew Lesh – IPA Review

There’s a lot of solid pieces in the Autumn 2020 edition of the IPA Review, but Matthew Lesh’s “Not Quite Right” is my pick of the bunch. It’s an exploration of how right-wing parties, predominately the Tories in the United Kingdom, have misread the causes of populism to cave into the left on economics, and in the process are losing their soul. Read it here.

Norway Health Chief: Lockdown was not Needed to Tame Covid – Fraser Nelson – The Spectator

This article focuses on a Norwegian government reports re-examining the impetus for lockdown, and the consequences of that decision. Read it here.

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