IPA Academy

If we are to preserve the values and institutions that have made the West so great, then it’s essential that we raise up young leaders who can effectively communicate these ideas in the future.

IPA Academy is Generation Liberty’s flagship annual program which shares the fundamentals of individual, economic and political freedom. It’s an all-expenses paid trip to the IPA offices in Melbourne which will run from January 29 to February 2 in 2024.

The deadline for this year’s applications is November 30, 2023.

Successful applicants will develop their media, debating and writing skills and will hear from high-profile academics and experts on topics ranging from the philosophical and historical underpinnings of the West to contemporary public policy and leading research on nuclear energy and the economy. They will be encouraged to think outside of the box and develop creative solutions to modern problems.

Successful applicants:

  • Must be a member of Generation Liberty or IPA.
  • Must be 18 or older and younger than 25