Gen Lib’s Iso Top 5: Ways To Survive Quarantine

- April 15, 2020

Stuck in Iso? Don’t worry! The Generation Liberty Campus Coordinators have you
 covered! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing their top tips for getting through the lockdown. Today we have a mystery correspondent…Top 5 ways to survive quarantine

1.    Walk/jog everyday
Get out and smell the roses! A daily stroll not only lets you get up and move around after binge watching your favourite TV show, but also gives you your daily dose of fresh air and vitamin D. Remember what that is?!
Getting out of the house is a great way to escape when you feel yourself going stir crazy at home. Let your mind wander as you walk through your nearest park or beach (but don’t rest there too long to avoid getting a fine!).
Invest in an audible subscription to listen to a book while you walk, or listen to some tunes or podcasts to allow your mind to unwind.

2.    Do a puzzle
Puzzles are a great way to focus your attention away from the negative news around us. Centre your thoughts on where the next piece is and lose yourself in a never ending 3000-piece puzzle (the bigger the better!). At the end of it you will have accomplished something (unless you are missing a piece, in which case you should move on to survival activity #3)

3.    Have a home spa day
Can’t head out to your local salon or spa? No problem. Bring the spa to you! Treat yourself to the most indulgent spa day with whatever you have on hand. Pull out those lush bath bombs and bath salts, and pour yourself a glass of your finest wine while dipping into the steamy abyss of your bathtub. Gather up your candles, essential oils and aroma diffusers and play some relaxing music to set the mood. Put on a face mask and let your mind forget about everything around you and just take the time to be at peace.

4.    Cook up a feast
Perfect a recipe that you’ve always wanted to try and put your own spin on it. Make it your own! Gather up the people you live with and share your delicious meal together. There’s nothing better than a warm home-made meal shared with the people you’re trapped in quarantine with!

5.    Learn a new skill
Keep your mind busy by learning a new skill. Why not start knitting, learn to play an instrument or even download Duolingo to brush up on your Spanish! Keep that memory up to speed and fill your mind with something useful (other than the latest TV show on Netflix). Trust me, your future self will thank you for emerging out of your quarantine cocoon with at least one useful skill!

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