Gen Lib’s Iso Top 5: (Almost Aussie Podcasts)

- April 27, 2020

Top 5 (Almost) Aussie Podcasts
By Mitchell Ablett-NelsonStuck in Iso? Don’t worry! The Generation Liberty Campus Coordinators have you covered! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing their top tips for getting through the lockdown. Today we have Mitch Ablett-Nelson from UQ with his Top 5 (almost) Aussie podcasts.While I’ve been struggling without physical classes to attend and deprived of my freedom of association during trying times, I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on some of my favourite podcasts. Not all of which are political, but all of which are entertaining and have helped me stay abreast of current events and learn along the way.1. The Grade CricketerFirst cab off the rank is delightfully light-hearted (something sorely missing in current discourse). The Grade Cricketer is essential listening for all Australians with a deep-seated love of the game but also Australian sporting culture (for better and worse). The hosts regularly invite prominent names onto the podcast to pick their brains and offer fascinating insights without ever taking themselves or their guests too seriously. If you find yourself short of a laugh this podcast is essential listening. Sadly, The Grade Cricketer just wrapped up with the end of the season, though I have no doubt they’ll be back next year, and there’s plenty of content to sink your teeth into while we wait for this year’s summer of cricket.2. John Anderson: ConversationsJohn Anderson could quite possibly be a podcast leader, not just due to his own knowledge, or the guests he manages to wrangle, but in the clear effort he has gone to in preparing what he wants to ask and elucidating what his audience is so eager to hear. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he might understand the Australian listener better than his American competitors. It’s impossible to pick any one favourite, but you couldn’t go wrong with listening to his interviews of Jonathan Haidt, Douglas Murray or (for the aus-pol diehards) Greg Sheridan.3. RevolutionsMike Duncan has been diligently toiling away at this project since 2013 and the effort is laid bare for all to see. He is relentlessly informative, relaxed and enchanting. If you want history lessons in bite-sized pieces, perfect for a household chore or isolation walk, then look no further. Mike starts in the formative stages of monumental events and episode by episode takes you through all the palace intrigue, depravity and betrayal that staked their place in history.4. Weatherboard and IronThe newcomer on the block, and perhaps a surprise entrant into the podcast scene, Barnaby Joyce and Matt Canavan have an ability to talk (perhaps like only good friends can) and make time just vanish before your eyes (or ears). A good one for the aus-pol diehards to listen to (as sitting politicians tend to be), but plenty to engage listeners who are interested to hear about the political response to COVID-19 from some of those with their hands on the reins of power as it unfolds. As Barnaby said in the most recent episode, people want to know how/what politicians are thinking about COVID-19 and this podcast certainly helps achieve that.5. The Young IPA PodcastLast but not least, the Young IPA Podcast is a goldmine for young, liberty-loving Aussies who want to hear from freedom warriors like Brendan O’Neill one episode and fellow students on campus during the crisis the next. It toes the line between informative and entertaining and has got me through many a de-stress moment on lunch at work or the perfect excuse to procrastinate that assignment just a little bit longer.

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