Gen Lib’s Iso Top 5: Action & Adventure Movies

- April 21, 2020

Stuck in Iso? Don’t worry! The Generation Liberty Campus Coordinators have you covered! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing their top tips for getting through the lockdown.

The Top 5 Action & Adventure Movies

1.    Inception
Have you ever woken up half asleep, unable to tell if you’re truly awake or still in a dream? Maybe you’ve been feeling like this with everything happening in the world around you currently; unable to discern what’s real and if you’ll just wake up and discover that this was all just a dream. With mind-boggling concepts of entering people’s thoughts and secrets through their dreams, be careful not to fall asleep during this movie, or you might lose sight of reality and fall into the idea that the world around you is a projection of your own subconscious. Dreams within dreams within those dreams will leave your mind scrambled as you watch this movie and leave you questioning your own reality!

2.    The Matrix
An oldie but a goodie, The Matrix is much like mind-bending Inception, which has you questioning the truth of the world around you. Is this real or is everything a part of a stimulation in which we are all being tested? I guess we will never know. (CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT: maybe the coronavirus is all a part of a large-scale simulation that is testing all of us??!)

3.    Skyfall
Nothing quite says action like Bond, James Bond. Kickass gun fights, fist fights and almost every other fight you can imagine, Bond never catches a break. Intense and nail biting from beginning to end, Skyfall has you sitting on the edge of your seat for almost every minute. Encapsulating and thrilling, yet one of the most personal portrayals of ‘badass’ Bond, Skyfall envisions a totally different side of James Bond than is depicted in the original franchise, making us feel even more invested in his epic conquests, needless to mention the incredible cinematography!

4.    The Terminator
Of course, you can’t have a top 5 action movies list without the classic, The Terminator. If the words ‘cyborg assassin’ don’t scream action, then who knows what does! Iconic and riveting, The Terminator falls is a must when binging on the most adrenaline pumping movies imaginable! You can forgive the 1980’s film for its cinematic effects, but even so many years later, The Terminator sustains its name as one of the most iconic action movies of all time, earning its rightful place on our top 5 action and adventure movies list.

5.    The Dark Knight
It’s no wonder The Dark Knight won itself countless awards and nominations, not to mention the award winning performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker. The Dark Knight truly lives up to its name in its grim portrayal of Batman’s life and efforts to protect Gotham from the impending doom that the Joker imposes. Edging off your seat during every action-packed scene and grimacing at the inhuman actions of the Joker, The Dark Knight will have you engrossed in anticipation until the end!

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