Episode 139: Mikhaila Peterson on the Rise of Jordan Peterson and her Lion Diet

 - December 17, 2019

The flags fly at half-mast on the podcast this week as Tony Jones’ last Q&A airs – we share our favourite moments from the Jones era, before providing a last minute British election guide and offer our predictions - loser has to wear the dunce hat in the office next week. In heroes and villains watch James hear the phrase fat rat's clacker for the first time, offer his advice to anyone experiencing romantic difficulties and tell us about the best political ad he's ever seen. Pete asks Scott Morrison "how good's the Swamp?". With the IPA getting the rights to the screening in Australia of The Rise of Jordan Peterson, we talk to the film’s producer Maziar Ghaderi about his experiences making it (15:24-31:40). We then talk to Jordan’s daughter Mikhaila about living with Jordan Peterson and how her Lion Diet changed her and her father’s life (31:40-48:55), before chatting with our roving reporter Adam Schlicht who vox popped punters at the screening (48:55-54:41). At the end, we talk Joe Biden challenging an angry voter to a push-up contest (Pete's not impressed) and Emma Thompson reminding people they can eat their puppies if climate change gets real bad.