Episode 138: Should Pill Testing Be Legal And Is Pete Too Old To Go To Festivals?

 - December 9, 2019

A few weeks ago we broke the story of Andrew Cooper being investigated by the Attorney General’s department for organising CPAC. Evan Mulholland tells us the results of his subsequent Freedom of Information request to the department – they won’t hand over any documents, but there are 1,300 of them. We discuss what that means (1:15-8:50). We also talk to friend of the show Adam Schlicht from So Fox to preview this summer’s music festivals (8:50-17:25) before we talk to another friend of the show David Limbrick MP from the Liberal Democrats about whether pill testing should be legalised (17:25-30:46). Our heroes and villains this week include the 17yo TikTok influencer using make-up tutorials to inform people about the CCP’s atrocities, Matt Canavan opening up a spot for us in a climate change conference in Spain, Bob Katter’s beautiful but wrong rant about free markets and Mark Ruffalo being rich enough to hate capitalism (30:46-38:53). Then another round of the Young IPA Quiz where Andrew Bushnell declares “the crown symbolises justice” (38:53-48:53). At the end of the show we recap Joe Biden’s interesting week, the Extinction Rebellion protesters response to running out of peas and after Twitter spent the week trolling The Guardian, Pete has to guess which Guardian headlines are real and which are fake - which is tough (48:53-57:55).