Episode 137 – Christina Hoff Sommers Sent A Dog To A Safe Space & The Gov Wants To Kill The Internet

 - November 29, 2019

Christian Porter wants to end the internet, we tell you why it’s a dumb idea. Heroes and Villains this week include Bjorn Lomborg and why you don’t need to panic about rising sea levels, the Hong Kong people standing up for democracy in their elections, the town that cancelled Christmas and Sacha Baron Cohen’s speech on social media regulation. We talk to influential feminist, AEI Resident Scholar and host of Femsplainers Christina Hoff Sommers about the infamous Q&A episode, the time she triggered a dog at a college event and achieving a more liberal feminism (16:39-29:55), before another round of Hey What Did We Miss – with James forced to wear the tiny dunce hat again! (29:56-40:34) At the end of the show Pete takes down another powerful person with Pete’s Tweet, gives Jeremy Corbyn media training after his trainwreck interview, and awards Kevin Rudd the Hillary Clinton It’s Not Over award. James has a go at the Police Chief in Britain who quit social media over hairstyle abuse and Pete and James share their controversial food opinions that can get them condemned by a foreign power, like Tom Nichols.