Episode 134: Senator Matt Canavan, Andrew Cooper and Australia’s New 18C

 - November 8, 2019

Race Has No Place in our Constitution, but apparently if you believe that you’re a bigot. James and Pete talk the IPA’s latest video and some of the reaction it’s been getting as well as the incredible story about FITS this week, with Andrew Cooper being investigated without a warrant by the Attorney General’s department for inviting conservatives into the country. Heroes and villains this week include Barack Obama, Dave Chappelle, nuclear alarmists in Japan and Leonardo DiCaprio. We talk to our first ever Minister! - Resources Minister Matt Canavan about the mining protests in Melbourne, how to convince young people about coal and the future of nuclear energy in Australia (16:31-33:39). We then talk to Andrew Cooper who gives us the world scoop of what he’s up against from the Attorney General’s department, the best stories from CPAC and his experiences touring with one of the organisers of the Hong Kong protests (33:39-45:12) before another around of Hey...What Did We Miss, with props! (45:12-55:56) At the end we talk the scandal of whether Trump gave a medal to a dog, Philausophy and why it’s a bad campaign for Australia and the ABC journalist who had the Epstein story for years.