Ep 162: Aussies Want To Get Back To Work

- May 15, 2020

Our good vibes Friday rule is ruined by the ABS employment data and the Queensland government trying to buy Virgin. Likes and dislikes this week include Elon Musk staring down the government and winning, friend of the show Bridget Phetasy’s article in The Atlantic, the QLD Chief Health Officer admitting schools were closed for messaging purposes and not health reasons and CNN inviting Greta Thunberg to a town hall on coronavirus. (0:00-20:43)

Cian Hussey returns to defend his quiz crown against Pete and Generation Liberty Campus Coordinator and membership drive extraordinaire Mitchell Ablett. (20:43-33:55)

We debut the new segment ‘Talking Points So Ridiculous It’s Impressive’, Sam Newman finally gets to tee off and the NT News gets aggressive about going back to the pub. (33:55-44:15)

This week’s draft sees James, Pete and Gideon nominate the people they’d have over for a dinner party now that Chairman Dan says we’re allowed to have five people over. (44:16-1:09:20)

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