Ep 156: Aussies Hate Compulsory Super

- April 24, 2020

Second show for the week! With 1.5 million Aussies getting their hands on their super, Pete and James ask why it can’t always be like this? They boys review Michael Moore’s new doc Planet of the Humans – a devastating critique of renewable energy, with a sinister solution; chat about the problems already hitting the government’s COVID-19 tracing app; and sport might be back! New likes and dislikes segment: Pete falls in love with the NT all over again and doesn’t like the NRL starting before the AFL. While James is getting into jazz and reckons Chris Cuomo needs to pull his head in. We bring back the quiz and Mia Schlict makes her debut as we check in with her and Adam to see how they are surviving lockdown. Pete takes Pete’s Not Fine to the global stage and examines the whacky and spooky ways governments around the world are enforcing lockdowns. As an extra feature for all you diehards – the boys get Andrew Bushnell back on for another draft. This time it’s choose 5 athletes to take aliens in a battle for the fate of the world. Pete has some interesting selections…

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