Ep 155: Adam Creighton, Dr Chris Berg And Tracking Apps

- April 20, 2020

The government announces a tracking app to fight coronavirus, protests break out in America against social distancing restrictions and James has precisely 30 seconds to explain the best solutions to Virgin Airways going into voluntary administration. Economics Editor of The Australian Adam Creighton joins the show to discuss the economic effects of the lockdown restrictions, why the nature of the debate has changed on coronavirus and why Australia is about to have its biggest population drop in decades (10:1522:28). Heroes and Villains this week includes Jacinda Ardern taking a 20% pay cut, Elon Musk, Patton Oswalt making our century’s “let them eat cake” statement and Britain’s top cop breaking their own social distancing laws. Dr Chris Berg, host of The Looking Forward Podcast, joins the show to talk about the government’s tracking app, what we know so far and the inherent privacy concerns whenever the government announces something like this (34:3854:57). At the end, Pete debuts Pete’s Not Fine to keep a track of all the social distancing fines that are being handed out, we discuss Turnbull’s new book and the 28 gender experts lending their minds to our country’s coronavirus efforts.

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