Ep 154: You Can Now Be Fined For Playing Video Games

- April 14, 2020

Pete and James ask why Parliament is going on hiatus when we could see Bob Katter use zoom, marvel at the NSW Minister who still maintains he did nothing wrong despite getting fined for breaking the lockdown, talk about the group of mates in Victoria fined over 5k for playing video games, and agree with Donald Trump for saying the WHO are trash. Amazingly, the ABC are among the heroes this week, along with ‘all of us’. Villains were much more standard – the NYT and the UN. We then talk with Macquarie University Generation Liberty Campus Coordinator Anjali Nadaradjane about Generation Liberty’s latest video – Viral Banter: The Gen Lib CoVID Forum. And finish off with Scott Cam bowing to the Young IPA Podcast pressure and relinquishing his post, and the politicians who gave their pay rises to charity.

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