Ep 148: Media Watch, Super Tuesday And We’re Off To QLD Human Rights Commission

 - March 5, 2020

Media Watch take aim at the IPA, Super Tuesday sees the return of Biden and the fall of Bloomberg and the IPA gets a win on the latest with the FITS scheme... or do we? James and Pete cover all of that and share this week's heroes and villains, including Anthony Albanese flipping the bird, Gloria Alvarez, the Federal Parliament spending 390k of taxpayer money on redeveloping a coffee vendor and political protestors at Mardi Gras. Renee Gorman comes back on because Generation Liberty is off to the Queensland Human Rights Commission over the Generation Liberty stall being removed from QUT Market Day and the Victorian Liberal Student Association being removed from the University of Melbourne (22:30-34:42). Gideon and Andrew Bushnell are on the quiz that goes off the rails in all the best ways (34:42-45:33) before James and Pete give a Q&A clap to Matthias Cormann, the news station that gave a fire victim an umbrella, Sleeping Giants mourning the politicisation of social media, and the final round of Bloomberg campaign misfires.