Ep 146: Holden, Freedom on Campus & An Alpha Showdown With Bill and Malcolm

 - February 20, 2020

Australians don’t want to put race in the Constitution and Pete says he doesn't care about Holden closing down. Heroes of the week include Boris Johnson and Malcolm Turnbull – so don’t let anyone tell you there’s no such thing as redemption! – and the Villains of the week include Michael Bloomberg and the Primary School that got rid of cupcakes for cultural reasons. We speak to the National Manager of Generation Liberty Renee Gorman about Generation Liberty passing 1500 members, the upcoming tour of Gloria Alvarez in Australia and the debut of Eleanor the Echidna as Generation Liberty mascot (20:46-37:19). Gideon being interstate means it’s anyone’s quiz to win this week with Adam Schlicht and Dara Macdonald joining the race (37:19-49:33), before at the end of the show we revive the Bob Katter Ain’t Spending Any Time On It for the Labor MPs partying it up in Bali, brainstorm new segments for Kerri-anne Kennerley after the Konfessions got axed for obvious reasons and after it came out Michael Bloomberg gives Insta influencers $150 per post about him, we figure out how budding influencer Pete can get on the end of this money.