Episode 136: Senator James Paterson Won’t “Repent” On China & The Future Of Vaping In Australia

 - November 21, 2019

Should James Paterson and Andrew Hastie “repent” for their sins of speaking out against the Chinese government? Virginia Trioli might think so but we don’t – we talk to James Paterson to get the full story. Heroes and villains this week includes Jeremy Corbyn’s rightly calling the NHS communism, the ABC for doing our jobs for us, the world’s biggest tertiary education union saying you can decide whatever race you want to be and Elizabeth Banks. We interview Dr Joe Kosterich on the future of vaping and cannabis legalisation. Dr Joe also tells us the fascinating story behind the actual word “marijuana” (17:31-34:55) before another round of Hey What Did We Miss? Where Pat simultaneously has to wear the crown and kiss the ring (34:55-41:59). At the end of the show James brings the new segment “did he fart?” which is sure to be the talk of fine dining around Australia, Pete brings a new segment “it’s not over!” for Malcolm Turnbull insisting he would have won the election, the council fining people for not having two doggie bags (aren’t we over single use plastic bags?) and we rank the most outlandish statements from Prince Andrew’s interview with the BBC.