John Roskam

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Beware The Anti-Trump Tyrants

The year recently ended revealed that the authoritarian impulse is never very far from the surface. It may lay dormant for a time but it never goes away. Here in...
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The Rage Of The Economics Establishment

An article on these pages last weekend by this newspaper’s economics correspondent, Matthew Cranston, titled “We need reform like we’ve never seen before” revealed everything that’s wrong with what Australians are told...
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ABC Adept At Playing Cuts Victim

The current behaviour of the ABC’s management and staff is a perfect demonstration of just how removed the national broadcaster has become from mainstream Australia. By complaining the way it...
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The Tyranny Of The Righteous Mob

“Like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children” is a phrase relevant to what’s happening to universities, media organisations, and even to fashionably “woke” comedians. Another apposite phrase is to be...
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We Need To Do Reform, Not Talk It

With the economy in recession, Prime Minister Scott Morrison should spend less time trying to be popular and attempting to be everyone’s friend and more time advocating for the policies...
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