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Generation Liberty, a project of the Institute of Public Affairs, is dedicated to advancing the ideas of liberty and freedom on Australian university campuses.

Generation Liberty provides a forum where all students, regardless of their background or their area of study, can come together to discuss ideas and the challenges facing the world today.

A non-partisan group which has no affiliation with any political party, Generation Liberty aims to provide students with a better understanding of how free markets and individual liberty can create social change by enabling human flourishing.

Generation Liberty seeks to connect students from all walks of life on university campuses and provide support for pro-liberty students and student organisations across Australia.

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Offering a selection of publications, news, and events keeping you connected to the political debate in Australia and around the world.

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Generation Liberty Campus Coordinators

Campus coordinators operate across four States. They are current students representing the IPA on campus, providing information, running events and building networks with like-minded organisations on campus.

  1. The University of Melbourne
  2. Monash University
  3. Campion College
  4. The University of Newcastle
  5. Western Sydney University
  6. The University of Queensland
  7. Bond University
  8. Queensland University of Technology
  9. Australian National University
  10. University of Western Australia

Book Club Podcast

This program encourages students to engage with the great ideas of the Western intellectual tradition. Those who sign up get sent 12 classic novels to be read over the course of a year in conjunction with an IPA podcast series which provides an analysis of each book, placing it in its modern context.

Social Media

A social media strategy encompassing a website, a dedicated Facebook page and a community built on Instagram, to enable young people from across Australia to discuss ideas and policy issues


A program of research and publication highlighting the increasing number of restrictions on debate, language and the scope of courses in universities across the country.