Universities are hotbeds of anti-Semitism

Out university campuses are becoming locations of a concerning growth of anti-Semitism.

Matthew Lesh, a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, discusses the growth of campus anti-Semitism in The Spectator Australia.

Rather than address the barbarism of Daesh, the totalitarianism of North Korea, or corruption in Russia, the Left’s almost singular foreign policy focus is Israel. In the minds of the modern Left, Israel and Jews who support their historic homeland are now the white, privileged, oppressors. Jewish students are therefore seen as legitimate targets for bullying, harassment and intimidation.

Ironically, much of this activity comes from the same people who stifle free speech in the name of creating so-called ‘safe spaces’— places where individuals of racial, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities are supposed to feel comfortable and welcome. If you are part of the modern Left’s chosen victim groups you are a protected species, exempt from criticism, debate, question and argument. Jews simply do not make the cut.

Australian Jewish students have faced the full intensity of campus anti-Semitism in recent years. Jewish student events, many with no connection to Israel, are regularly picketed. At the University of Sydney, a faculty member joined a protest at a guest lecture, yelling comments towards members of the audience.

Lesh discussed a range of concerning cases:

At UNSW, two individuals harassed a student for carrying an Australasian Union of Jewish Students bag.

Five Jewish students at Monash University were stopped from entering a public lecture organised by the campus Left on the basis of their assumed religion.

The fledgling ANU Jewish Students’ Society were harassed during the annual orientation week. The group was doing nothing more then signing up new members to their recently founded society, only to find members of the student left yelling out phrases such as ‘Israeli bitch’ and ‘dirty Jew’ when they passed. Later that day a paper aeroplane was found laying in front of the society’s stall. On one side there was a left-wing refugee petition, and on the other the scrawled message ‘Death to the Zionist entity Love from Hamas’.



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