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Premier Mike Baird’s office found out about our prohibition party… and they weren’t happy!

Students enjoy themselves at the Generation Liberty underground prohibition party.

Students enjoy themselves at the Generation Liberty underground prohibition party.

Premier Mike Baird’s lockout laws represent an entirely new era of prohibition.

That’s why Generation Liberty hosted a special event against the draconian measures: an underground prohibition party, celebrating the end of the first prohibition era in the  1920s.

Ironically, however, before the event even happened we saw the coercive influence of state power bear down upon us.

Following promotion of the event on social media, Glebe police received a ‘tip off’ from Premier Baird’s office that we were potentially hosting an ‘illegal underground dance party’.

We were informed by New South Wales police that they were legally obliged to operate a raid on the night if our event did not comply with liquor regulation.

I was forced to inform the police that it was not a rave party, but rather a function to oppose lockout laws. Luckily, the police officer assigned with the laborious task of questioning a political event took no further action.

After complaints from the Premier's office, the Generation Liberty prohibition party went ahead.

After complaints from the Premier’s office, and threats of a police raid, the Generation Liberty prohibition party went ahead.

The real issue is that it came from the Premier’s office, where someone decided to waste precious police time on a frivolous pursuit, rather than addressing community opposition to Sydney’s absurd lockout laws.

In the end we had a grand old time, hearing from two very inspiring and knowledgeable speakers, Keep Sydney Open campaign manager Tyson Koh and MyChoice director Lara Jeffery.

Click here to see more photos from the event.

Koh and Jeffery discussed the impact of the lockout laws on Sydney, including the closing down of businesses and destruction of night life. In addition, they pointed out that the laws are doing almost nothing to end criminal behaviour on our streets.

What happened at our event is an ominous indication of what the lock out laws have done to our community: the police, who have the responsibility to protect people and fight real crime, are forced to waste their time with trivial concerns.

We are living in an entirely new era of prohibition, and it is time that the draconian lockout laws are abolished.

A special thank you to Kennard’s Self Storage, who allowed us to use their underground cellar space for the unique event. If you are interested in Generation Liberty please like our Facebook page:

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