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A ban on hugging

Children at a school in Melbourne will be told in their classrooms that they should “find alternative ways to show affection” than hugging, the Geelong Advertiser has reported.

Hugging, an almost universally accepted human interaction of fraternity, friendship, and trust acceptance has now been labeled the opposite by teachers:

“In this current day and age we are really conscious about protecting kids and teaching them from a young age that you have to be cautious,” St Patricks Primary School principal John Grant said.



Rory Stewart: Why Democracy Matters

If you are looking for a reason to believe in democracy, it’s worth watching Rory Stewart.

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7 Free Market Policies to Help the Environment

Written by John Hajek, IPA Campus Coordinator — Melbourne University

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7 Greatest Liberty Speeches in History

The influence of a brilliant speech knows no boundaries. The spoken word has the power to inspire, to persuade and to lift hearts and minds. Many of the greatest movements towards a freer world began with a remarkable speech. These speeches continue to impact our world.

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7 Political Leaders You Need To Know

Written by Celeste Arenas, IPA Campus Coordinator — Sydney University


Hypersensitivity on campus is destroying open debate

Hypersensitivity, combined with speech codes and other restrictions, are hindering the capacity of full and frank discussion on university campuses across the world.


Now they want plain packaging for… toys!

In a recent hearing in the Australia parliament, politicians were encouraged to introduce plain packaging laws for children’s toys on the bizarre basis that it would help reduce domestic violence.


Development and economic growth for those that need it most

Have you ever thought about what happens to a developing country when a global financial slowdown comes around?


Should the government regulate dinner parties?

The sharing economy has allowed us to open our cars, our delivery systems, and now even our dining rooms to other people.


The US must put democracy at the centre of foreign policy.

America is one of the world’s most powerful nations, and this is in no small part because of their commitment to democracy and the pursuit of free markets.