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Opinion: Political correctness is insidiously evil and downright destructive

Winter is coming. The most insidiously evil and downright destructive political movement we’ll ever see is before us. It’s colder, harsher, and more damaging to western civilisation than anything before it. The barbarians at the gates of Rome could not have dreamed of causing such damage. I’m talking, of course, about political correctness.

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What it’s like to debate socialists: a reflection

On 20 May 2016, Generation Liberty, in conjunction with the Melbourne University Freedom Society, took on the Socialist Alternative at the University of Melbourne in The Great Debate: Capitalism v. Socialism. This debate was repeated at Monash University. The following is a reflection from John Hajek, campus coordinator and debater, on debating socialists.

Why Britain should vote 'Leave'Australia should hope for a Brexit. IPA Adjunct Fellow Georgina Downer explains why Britain should vote to leave the European Union, and what a successful Leave vote will mean for Australia. Read Georgina's full report: Posted by Institute of Public Affairs on Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why Brexit matters for Australia

Britain’s European Union ‘Stay’ or ‘Leave’ referendum is just a few days away.

Although at first sight this may appear to be irrelevant to Australia, a foreign government potentially exiting their supranational union, there are a variety of implications for our foreign policy and public policy issues.

Venezuela VS Peru

Compare the pair: Venezuela v.s. Peru

Generation Liberty recently took a look at the Venezuelan catastrophe, a South American economy collapsing in the wake of decades of mismanagement by a socialist government; turning an oil-rich nation into a failed state.

However, while Venezuela languishes another South American economy is succeeding: Peru’s economy has seen dramatic improvements by adopting market practices and deregulating industries across the country:

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Premier Mike Baird’s office found out about our prohibition party… and they weren’t happy!

Students enjoy themselves at the Generation Liberty underground prohibition party.

Students enjoy themselves at the Generation Liberty underground prohibition party.

Premier Mike Baird’s lockout laws represent an entirely new era of prohibition.

That’s why Generation Liberty hosted a special event against the draconian measures: an underground prohibition party, celebrating the end of the first prohibition era in the  1920s.

Ironically, however, before the event even happened we saw the coercive influence of state power bear down upon us.

Social Justice Warriors talk about animal rights, what about the 25 million North Koreans? Learn more:

Posted by Generation Liberty on Sunday, 5 June 2016

Social Justice Warriors talk about animal rights, what about the 25 million North Koreans?

The horrors and nightmares from North Korea are immense: mass poverty, thousands dying every year in concentration camps, and all the while the government exercises totalitarian control over the people.

Yeon-Mi Park, speaking at the recent Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference, explores the personal dimension of living in such a backwards country.


Venezuela’s crawl to economic collapse: a socialist catastrophe

If you ever wanted an example of a relatively prosperous nation descending into a failed state due to socialist policies, look no further than Venezuela in 2016.


Do immigrants actually steal jobs?

Many politicians and interest groups often claim the arrival of immigrants reduces the amount of jobs available for locals, they steal existing jobs. But is this true?

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Opinion: Facebook trends bias? Nothing to see here

The uncovering of alleged bias against ring-wing articles by Facebook has attracted cries of deceit and of bias from conservative commentators.

The discovery related to the selective makeup of Facebook’s trending news module, which appears on the top right and is seen by an estimated 1.6 billion people every day.

What is incredibly baffling though is that people, who usually champion private enterprise, are calling on Zuckerberg for balance.


Stop stifling free speech and coddling intolerance for controversial ideas: Bloomberg, Koch

They come from different sides of politics, and often have contrasting views on the role of government.

Nevertheless, Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch, two of America’s most influential businessmen and political operatives, have co-authored an article for the Wall Street Journal on the curtailing of free speech at universities across the United States:

Across America, college campuses are increasingly sanctioning so-called “safe spaces,” “speech codes,” “trigger warnings,” “microaggressions” and the withdrawal of invitations to controversial speakers.

Education is also supposed to give students the tools they need to contribute to human progress. Through open inquiry and a respectful exchange of ideas, students can discover new ways to help others improve their lives.

Our advice is this: Stop stifling free speech and coddling intolerance for controversial ideas, which are crucial to a college education—as well as to human happiness and progress.

Have you noticed any new restrictions on what you can say at university? Let us know through the Generation Liberty Report Campus Concern form.