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Opinion: Political correctness is insidiously evil and downright destructive

Winter is coming. The most insidiously evil and downright destructive political movement we’ll ever see is before us. It’s colder, harsher, and more damaging to western civilisation than anything before it. The barbarians at the gates of Rome could not have dreamed of causing such damage. I’m talking, of course, about political correctness.

Writers, mostly from a right wing perspective, will tell you this from time to time. Now I’m coming to you, begging you from the left, to do something about political correctness. As far as I can see it’s almost too late for us. It has overrun us. You can’t move an inch unless you tow these lines about correct language, and thought. It wasn’t always like this.

Once upon a time there was a magical post-war society. We’ll call it civilisation. This society was extremely comfortable, and was turning its attention to fighting something slightly worse tasting than Satan’s asshole. Whilst society was gearing up to fight communism, there were people within our own borders who weren’t happy with society, and rightfully so.

The brilliance of democracy, western liberalism, and freedom of speech is the right to question the status quo, or believe in maintaining it. To gather support for what you want, and to go out there and change minds. To annoy our political masters into action, and eventually see the changes you want made manifest.

The founding base is that no idea, no belief, and no policy should be unchallenged. That we have a duty to question. So spawned the great social movements of the 20th century which the Left can now take ownership of. Women’s rights, both voting rights, and social/economic rights. Racial equality, treating everyone the same regardless of skin colour, and ethnic origin. Finally, my personal favourite, gay rights. Perhaps the hardest fought, given the theological objections to homosexuality, and what a small percentage the gay population actually is.

Now we’ve lost that magical society. Because there are people out there who believe that there are ideas you can’t challenge. That there are beliefs so sacred that neither you, nor I have a right to interrogate them. These people are insidious.

People on the internet often call them social justice warriors (SJWs), I call them turds. These turds believe that the established progressive orthodoxy on the political left has been chiseled into place like the Ten Commandments. That’s wrong. Worse than wrong, it’s damaging.

There’s a culture of silencing dissent, opposition, and demands for evidence based conclusions. The most militant turds can be found at universities. They march out there, slandering people who don’t agree with their conclusions on race, sexuality, economics, and all manner of subjects. They would silence, sack, and remove from positions of authority anyone they don’t agree with. They don’t believe that discussion can validate their ideas or disprove them, they frankly don’t care.

You’ve probably heard this all before, so why do I need to say it again? Because while once the established orthodoxies were all on the Right, and being challenged from the left (British Tories opposed to reform for women’s votes, Southern Democrats opposed to rights for blacks, and the Religious Right opposed to gay rights) the reverse is now true.

The political orthodoxy is with the Left, and that means if it’s going to be challenged, it’s you who have to do it, darlings. If the orthodox right had thrown around language (accusing people of hate speech) and tactics (preventing different views from being presented on university campuses) like the orthodox left do now, there would be no gay rights, women’s rights, or multiculturalism.

Extreme political correctness prevents anyone who has a different opinion from getting a foothold. It’s not the Australian public stopping these people; it’s the political class with their political orthodoxy. Actually if this last Federal election has shown us anything it’s that the public wants to remove the political class, and their orthodoxies. My end result is a reinvigoration of civilisation, a society where everyone from different opinions can co-exist both politically, and more broadly. Here’s a newsflash: you don’t have to like gay people, trans-people, Christians, Muslims, Jews, or anything else. You should like or dislike people based on who they are as an individual, but people will always have their hang-ups, and that’s fine.

People live lives that don’t conform to our values. That’s perfectly fine. In a modern, western civilisation we can co-exist, and be civil despite our differences. But you don’t have to change who you are, or what you believe for me or anyone else. I can stand up for myself and my rights without having a system in place that doesn’t permit criticism.

I’ll leave you with this. Fight the system, fight the orthodoxies. Reclaim free speech, reclaim social liberalism, and reclaim evidence-based conclusions. Challenge radical student activists. You’re not a homophobe, a misogynist, or a racist. You’re a modern, intelligent person. Reclaim the right.

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