Matthew Murphy

Matthew James Murphy is studying at and is the campus coordinator at the University of Sydney. The degree he is completing is Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), majoring in economics.

Currently, his future goal is to get clinical certification, as either a psychiatrist or psychologist. His interest and belief in freedom has its roots in his conservative and Christian principles. It becomes necessary, out of consistency, to believe in the necessity of freedom, from this basis.

Secondarily he believes in these principles due to their empiricism, as he is a scientist. The data substantially indicates the importance of freedom across intellectual domains; particularly in psychology and economics.

Matthew finds the role he plays in affecting people’s attitudes toward freedom, as a campus coordinator, is the primary source of enjoyment for the job. To be at the forefront of debate, challenging ideas, and having mine challenged as well, is a spontaneous, engaging and enriching process that he is glad to take part in.