Lecture series: Political Philosophy: An Introduction

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This Guide covers the basic concepts and theories in political philosophy. Below, you’ll find a short introductory essay and a series of lectures. Though they make the most sense in sequence, feel free to read and watch them in whatever order most interests you; each should stand on its own just fine. This Guide’s featured book, Political Philosophy: An Introduction, serves as a companion text to the course. It will enrich your experience with the Guide, but it’s not a prerequisite for any of the content you’ll find here.

What Makes Institutions Just or Unjust? (06:04)


Liberty: Who Needs It? (08:21)

What Are Rights? (12:38)

Why Property Rights? (12:29)

Rawls’s Distributive Justice (14:05)

Skepticism About Distributive Justice (10:18)

Political Authority (13:21)

Democracy and Voting (16:41)

Immigration Rights (15:45)

Labor Ethics (13:48)

Market Failure vs. Government Failure (07:08)

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