Lecture series: An Introduction to Libertarianism

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In this series of short lectures, David Boaz, writer of The Libertarian Mind and executive vice president of the Cato Institute, introduces the foundational ideas of libertarianism.

The Early Roots of Libertarianism (11:13)


The Modern Libertarian Revival (14:25)


The Classical Liberal Era (19:39)


What Rights Do We Have? (10:52)


The Dignity of the Individual (18:34)


Pluralism and Toleration (14:19)


Law and the Constitution (18:25)


Civil Society (13:34)


Networks of Trust (10:28)


The Market Process (14:39)


The Seen and the Unseen and International Trade (15:09)


What Big Government Is All About (16:06)


Public Choice (13:41)


The Obsolete State (21:23)


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