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Globalisation: Still the Best Chance for the World’s Poor

The Guardian recently published an editorial reiterating many of the concerns of both the populist right and regressive left: that ever-greater global integration and competition has been to the benefit of the few, whilst inequality increases amongst the poor. In one sense, this sentiment is correct – we should care about how global trends affect outcomes for the most disadvantaged; but this is exactly why we should embrace globalisation. Individual nations, and the world as a whole, are miraculously better off due to the increasing free-flow of goods, knowledge, and people, even as certain sectors are harmed by the side effects of this creative destruction.


The New Iconoclasm

  Two anniversaries that fall in October, both important for lovers of western civilisation, highlight the new iconoclasm at the heart of modern western progressives.


In Defence of Profits Part III

In Part I and Part II of this article, we showed that profits (at least in the absence of coercion or a state-conferred special privilege, such as a subsidy or monopoly right) are not derived from...


The Free Market at Work: How much for the Apples?

Chances are that when you think of capitalism the great minds of Adam Smith or Milton Friedman spring to mind. Chances are the words ‘growth’ and ‘profit’ may also pop up....


In Defence of Profits, Part I

  One of the most infuriating bumper stickers has to be the one that reads “People Before Profits”. This insufferable slogan bespeaks an endemic and illiterate assumption in anti-market thought:...


Degas- The impressionist who rejected impressionism

The National Gallery of Victoria’s exhibition Degas: A New Vision, is the most comprehensive collection of the works by the French painter and sculptor, Edgar Degas(1834-1917) since 1988.


Should Theresa May be like Margaret Thatcher?

The United Kingdom has a new Conservative prime minister and she’s a woman. Cue the inevitable comparisons to the country’s only other female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, who resided behind 10...

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Opinion: Political correctness is insidiously evil and downright destructive

Winter is coming. The most insidiously evil and downright destructive political movement we’ll ever see is before us. It’s colder, harsher, and more damaging to western civilisation than anything...

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Opinion: Facebook trends bias? Nothing to see here

The uncovering of alleged bias against ring-wing articles by Facebook has attracted cries of deceit and of bias from conservative commentators. The discovery related to the selective makeup of...