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The Free Market at Work: How much for the Apples?

Chances are that when you think of capitalism the great minds of Adam Smith or Milton Friedman spring to mind. Chances are the words ‘growth’ and ‘profit’ may also pop up. Depending on what your understanding of free market capitalism happens to be, words like ‘profit’ may be associated with empowerment through the creation of prosperity, or on the other hand maybe associated with greed and excess.

When I think of the free market, I think of the most basic truth of all; both buyer and seller are better off for their exchange, and society at large is better off from these infinite interactions. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand.

A seller who seeks to create genuine value for their customer and establish for themselves repeat business will do their utmost to trade with honesty (in pursuit of ‘perfect information’) and service their customer’s segment with dynamism. Consumers (that we all are) will always be looking for the best available option to suit their needs at any given time. As a result, only the best businesses survive.


Bureaucracy is Emptying London’s Bars

  People of New South Wales, you are not alone! Londoners are now suffering from the same oppressive bureaucracy which has emptied areas of Sydney. Bars, restaurants and clubs across England’s...


In Defence of Profits, Part I

  One of the most infuriating bumper stickers has to be the one that reads “People Before Profits”. This insufferable slogan bespeaks an endemic and illiterate assumption in anti-market thought:...

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Fewer boondoggles, more hedgefunds: the dismal record of foreign aid in Africa

By Daniel Press A top professor of public health and income inequality, Sir Michael Marmot, recently proposed a thought experiment in third-world development on the ABC’s Q&A.


Finally – a big name university stands up for free speech

It seems like universities everywhere are caving in to demands to suspend freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry and academic freedom to vindicate the feelings of unbelievably sensitive students.


BREAKING: Monash Uni to introduce ‘trigger warnings,’ Australian first

Melbourne’s Monash University is set to become Australia’s first university to introduce anti-intellectual trigger warnings, an investigation by Generation Liberty has revealed.


Let’s just abolish the census

Tuesday night’s Census, after 5 years of planning and $470 million taxpayer dollars, was a catastrophe – the ABS has blamed a “denial of service attack”, a claim which lacks...


Government Regulation is Hurting Our Future

The claim that the economy is somehow “rigged,” structured in a way that denies everyone the ability to thrive, is common.


Should Theresa May be like Margaret Thatcher?

The United Kingdom has a new Conservative prime minister and she’s a woman. Cue the inevitable comparisons to the country’s only other female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, who resided behind 10...


Pokemon GO: Helping people get healthy where government has failed

Pokemon GO is helping people live healthier lifestyles, while years of paternalistic and ineffective nanny state programs and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars have failed.