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Top 7 Historical Mistakes of the Modern Age

Not buying Google for $1 Million

In 1999, Google founders Larry Page  and Sergey Brin approached George Bell, Excite CEO, to sell their search engine for one million dollars. Today, Google is worth more than $659 billion.

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Top 7 Leftie Films

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) This film attempts to blame’s America’s social problems on capitalism. Moore focuses on families who are having their homes repossessed following the mortgage crises...

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Top 7 Australian Political Gaffes

Policy making is serious business, but sometimes we’re allowed a few laughs at our politicians. Here are 7 cringeworthy moments from Australia’s politicians that we just don’t want to forget.  


7 Best Quotes About Freedom

  “Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric” Thomas Sowell The author of more than 40 books on history, economics and sociology, Thomas Sowell...


Seven Conspiracy Theories

9/11 Was an inside job Like most crackpot conspiracy theories, there is no unified theory among so-called ‘9/11 truthers’ as to why exactly the US government decided to orchestrate a fake terrorist...


7 Myths About Capitalism

1. Capitalism promotes inequality The first important task in rebutting the slur that capitalism results in inequality is to question the premise. Claims of inequality in free economies are grossly...

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7 Women in Ideas

The notion that men have dominated the libertarian movement is a myth. In history and the modern day, women have profoundly influenced the ideas of liberty. The following list comprises women who fiercely...

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7 Government Policies That Hurt Young People

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7 Free Market Policies to Help the Environment

Written by John Hajek, IPA Campus Coordinator — Melbourne University

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7 Greatest Liberty Speeches in History

The influence of a brilliant speech knows no boundaries. The spoken word has the power to inspire, to persuade and to lift hearts and minds. Many of the greatest movements towards a freer world began with...