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Oxfam is wrong, it’s the economic freedom that helps the poor

Oxfam’s obsessive and inaccurate focus on inequality ignores the incredible progress economic freedom has achieved for the world’s poorest, writes Generation Liberty contributor Daniel Press.


In Defence of Profits Part III

In Part I and Part II of this article, we showed that profits (at least in the absence of coercion or a state-conferred special privilege, such as a subsidy or monopoly right) are not derived from...


The Free Market at Work: How much for the Apples?

Chances are that when you think of capitalism the great minds of Adam Smith or Milton Friedman spring to mind. Chances are the words ‘growth’ and ‘profit’ may also pop up....


In Defence of Profits, Part I

  One of the most infuriating bumper stickers has to be the one that reads “People Before Profits”. This insufferable slogan bespeaks an endemic and illiterate assumption in anti-market thought:...


Building a Moral Case for Economic Freedom

What does not eating your dog have to do with economic freedom? American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks explains in this fantastic video why and how we must make the moral case for free...


Government Regulation is Hurting Our Future

The claim that the economy is somehow “rigged,” structured in a way that denies everyone the ability to thrive, is common.


Pokemon GO: Helping people get healthy where government has failed

Pokemon GO is helping people live healthier lifestyles, while years of paternalistic and ineffective nanny state programs and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars have failed.

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What it’s like to debate socialists: a reflection

On 20 May 2016, Generation Liberty, in conjunction with the Melbourne University Freedom Society, took on the Socialist Alternative at the University of Melbourne in The Great Debate: Capitalism v....

Leave EU

Why Brexit matters for Australia

Britain’s European Union ‘Stay’ or ‘Leave’ referendum is just a few days away. Although at first sight this may appear to be irrelevant to Australia, a foreign...

Venezuela VS Peru

Compare the pair: Venezuela v.s. Peru

Generation Liberty recently took a look at the Venezuelan catastrophe, a South American economy collapsing in the wake of decades of mismanagement by a socialist government; turning an oil-rich nation...