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Do immigrants actually steal jobs?

Many politicians and interest groups often claim the arrival of immigrants reduces the amount of jobs available for locals, they steal existing jobs. But is this true?

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Opinion: Facebook trends bias? Nothing to see here

The uncovering of alleged bias against ring-wing articles by Facebook has attracted cries of deceit and of bias from conservative commentators. The discovery related to the selective makeup of...


Stop stifling free speech and coddling intolerance for controversial ideas: Bloomberg, Koch

They come from different sides of politics, and often have contrasting views on the role of government. Nevertheless, Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch, two of America’s most influential...

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Generation Liberty takes on the Socialist Alternative at the University of Melbourne

Last week Generation Liberty, in conjunction with the Melbourne University Freedom Society, took on the Socialist Alternative at the University of Melbourne in The Great Debate: Capitalism v. Socialism.


The world is getting better: statistics

Despite the stories of doom and gloom, the world is actually getting better.

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7 Women in Ideas

The notion that men have dominated the libertarian movement is a myth. In history and the modern day, women have profoundly influenced the ideas of liberty. The following list comprises women who fiercely...

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7 Government Policies That Hurt Young People


Put you hands up for a safe space violation

A student representative has been accused of violating a ‘safe space’ for simply raising their hand to ask a question during a debate at her student association. 

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What should the government do to create a more free Australia?

Generation Liberty Writing Competition Results (March 2016)


An economic masterpiece: Why don’t all Sandwiches cost $1500?

The pace of technological development and economic progress over the last century has been extraordinary.