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Anti-war mural altered to make student feel ‘safe’

The campus safety movement has reached new heights as an artist has been forced to change their work because a mural opposing war and violence triggered a student.


Business is good at solving problems, even social ones

In his speech, Michael Porter posits that people should in fact embrace the capacity for businesses to solve the challenges we face in society, rather than considering them the root of all problems.


A ban on hugging

Children at a school in Melbourne will be told in their classrooms that they should “find alternative ways to show affection” than hugging, the Geelong Advertiser has reported. Hugging, an...


Rory Stewart: Why Democracy Matters

If you are looking for a reason to believe in democracy, it’s worth watching Rory Stewart.

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7 Free Market Policies to Help the Environment

Written by John Hajek, IPA Campus Coordinator — Melbourne University

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7 Greatest Liberty Speeches in History

The influence of a brilliant speech knows no boundaries. The spoken word has the power to inspire, to persuade and to lift hearts and minds. Many of the greatest movements towards a freer world began with...

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7 Political Leaders You Need To Know

Written by Celeste Arenas, IPA Campus Coordinator — Sydney University